Leiðsögn í Arnarfirdi og Tálknafirdi með sögumanni

Jón Þórðarson er frábær sögumaður, allt lifnar við þegar hann segir frá.

The trip to Selárdalur

Ketildalir in Arnarfjörður are a world apart, the history and nature there are unique. From the burial ground in Hringsdalur, to Austmannsdalur and Selárdalur and everything in between, every place has it‘s story. The museum of the artist with the heart of a child, the quarrels of Austmann and Hringur in Hringsdalur, the farmers in the present and the past in Ketildalir, all these are parts of the story told in the guided tour through Ketildalir with Jón Þórðarson. Get in contact and we will make the tour through this historical area unforgettable.

History of Bíldudalur

Guided tours around the village of Bíldudalur, where the history of the village and it‘s peoples through the years is told, and the labour oppertuneties of today explained. Yes, join us in a guided tour with Jón Þórðarson and you will not be disapointed.

The hidden world of Tálknafjörður

The beaches of Tálknafjörður are an unbelievable recreation area, the golden sand, the stones smoothed by the sea, history of fishing bases and how people lived in earlier times. All this and much more is what you, good traveler, will experience in a tour of Tálknafjörður with Jón Þórðarson. And let’s not forget Arnarstapi, a place of energy for the soul and body, a re-charge everyone can enjoy.

„Jón sure knows the stories, he knows how to do this. It was great to go with him and experience the nature.“

  • We make special offers for the price, duration and time of departure for your convenience. We can end the tour at an out door hot spring and have refreshments there to perfect the day.