Sailing under Látrabjarg

Experience Látrabjarg in a unique way not many people have.

Látrabjarg is Europes biggest bird cliff. A lot of people come and visit Látrabjarg but they only see a small part of it from above. Now you have a chance to see Látrabjarg from the sea, sail alongside the cliff and experience it‘s beauty. To see the birds hover at the cliff and fully enjoy this nature. You board the boat Happasæll BA in Breiðavík, the staff of Hotel Breiðavik will transport you to the beach were a small boat awaits and takes you to the passangerboat that will sail with you under Látrabjarg. Not many people have seen Látrabjarg from the sea, we sail close to the cliff and you will be at a very good place to take photographs of the cliff and the birds hovering and nesting there.

„Sailing under Látrabjarg was fantastic. Nothing compares to looking um the 400m high cliff“

Price: 2019

  • Fullorðinn: ISK
  • 0 til 11 ára: Frítt
  • 67+: ISK


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